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Stem Cares Lab

“The idea of initiating CARES came through various interactions with the students of several schools and colleges across the world and the need of basic and applied research was known.” CARES will be an elite department to the young inventors/innovators who are interested towards Research and Development. CARES will be a complete guideline to students on how to approach research and development. Scientists, students into R&D and Made in India products can contribute to growth of our nation.

Cares Training

We offer a demonstration session for school children who wish to get a feel for industrial automation and robotics. Learn what’s in common between fun robotic system like Lego robotics and industrial automation. We prefer smaller batch sizes of 30 students per visit. They can spend some time in various labs and learn real world concepts. The visit will be helpful in making career choices and setting future educational goals. The visit will be useful for children .