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Smart Industrial Power Automation

Our device can be operated via Bluetooth, GSM, Switches. This lets the User to access the device remotely via Bluetooth connectivity if within range and GSM globally.

Device is installed near the DB box.

All the loads that are to be automated are connected directly to our device.

The connected loads can be controlled remotely from any part of the world.

Security System - Ringer

The device’s prime function is to alert the user/owner through automatically dialling to their mobile phone during an intrusion in the premises.

The device has been internally provided with a SIM card which allows it to dial the User’s number.

The device is placed near the door or anywhere inside the premises and since it has sensors provided, it can detect motion or intrusion.

Smart Shutter And Door Safety System

The device constitutes of two kits: -

  1. 1. Main Kit
  2. 2. Sensor Kit

Both the kits can be integrated either via wired or wireless connectivity, as desired by the User.

Water Level Controller


To stop the over flowing in the water tanks, to save water and current simultaneously.


Saves water and electricity.

Fully automatic, no monitoring required.

ATM Auto Controller & BPC

Installed in 300+ State Bank of India & Indian Bank ATMs. Saves 8 -12 Units per day per ATM. Proven results with happy feedbacks. Appreciated by Branch Managers, DGM and AGM of State Bank of India.


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